Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, located in the Andaman Sea in the south of Thailand. The island is mostly mountainous with a mountain range in the west of the island from the north to the south.
It is the biggest island in Thailand and sits on the Andaman sea, Phuket one of the most popular film location for international production companies. There are wonderful opportunities for filming in Phuket as remarkable religious and cultural structures, exotic shows, vibrant nightlife and some beautiful beaches on which to enjoy the soft white sand, tropical surf and amazing views. Our local film fixers in Phuket will negotiate best deals and provide the appropriate level of production services, pre-production, Phuket location scouting, preparing and transportation equipment and film crew to Phuket, line production and other services in Phuket or Phang Nga provinces to match every budget.


Are you looking for the top Phuket videographer to shoot your video? We are open branch in Phuket to help you with your event videography, corporate interview, customer testimonial, live stream, webinar, or promotional video. We’ll provide you with the best equipment available in Thailand, including the Sony FX6, FX9, ARRI Alexa, RED Comodo in Phuket and more.
You need a crew for an interview in Patong, a local videographer to show you on the market around in Phuket old town, event on Bang Tao or a multi-day shoot producing a promotional video in Nai Harn Beach? Don’t worry yourself overlooking for an available crew. We can connect you with over 10 professional videographers from Phuket area or confirm production crews from Bangkok with only a five-minute phone call.

Phuket corporate interviews, multi-camera event production, TV commercials for Phuket local and international brands, branded material, and more are all accessible. Film Service Thailand offers videographers in Phuket with the experience to meet expectations on everything from appealing corporate video projects to innovative music videos, clever commercials to engaging television series.


My name is Prim, native Thai fixer offering assistance to foreign journalists, photographers, filmmakers, TV producers, Reporters and professional travelers who plan to make a short-mid term visit to Thailand. I am also a photographer & wedding planner and represent Film Service(Thailand) in the beautiful islands: Phuket, Samui and Phangan, providing photo and video shoots for couples, pre-wedding, family, interior and exterior, events and weddin in Phuket. My local team include Thai fixers / service producers will negotiate local deals and provide the appropriate level of production to match every budget. I will arrange experienced English speaking PA, location, runner, production driver, or other crew for Photo & Video production in Phuket for any kind of business. My diverse creative background, organizational skills, budget management, passion for learning coupled with experience in video production, make my skill set particularly unique. Feel free to drop me a line at for general inquiries or more specific request.


From film location scouting through to securing crews and equipment our film fixer in Phuket are the driving force behind commercials, corporate videos, music videos, documentaries and feature films. Our film fixer in Phuket help you get the best camera crew, when you need them, where you need them. We provides the best location camera crews in Phuket made up from only the top cameramen and freelance video crews. We’re fast, diplomatic and pride ourselves on quality. A Corporate Videographer for all projects in Phuket such as your Case Studies, Customer Testimonials, Executive Interviews, Event Videos, Live Webcasts or Drone Filming.

LOCATION SCOUTING Our location scouts know about locations you have only dreamed of. Their knowledge and familiarity with locations around the world enables them to overcome language barriers, connect with local crews and keep locals happy.

PERMIT FOR SHOOTING Thailand has own film commission, council and film permit application criteria. This involves a lot of complicated paperwork. Our production fixer in Phuket will handle it, relieving the production company of the stress of administrative work.

SECURING GREW We’ve established strong working relationships with leading production crews. This includes directors, DOPs, producers, script supervisors, camera operators, sound mixers, runners and many, many more. We can add individual crew members to your team, or we can put together a full crew that’s just right for the job.

VIDEO EQUIPMENT RENTAL Whether you need a single piece of equipment or an entire kit , we can help. We have relationships with all the leading equipment rental houses in Thailand. This means that we’re offered the most competitive rates, which we happily pass on to you.

CASTING TALENT We have an eye for talent and we’ll help you identify and source the right actors and actresses for your film production in Thailand. We can facilitate all kinds of castings, leaving you to choose from the best of the best.


Beaches with white sand and azure water, lush greenery and rich fauna, exotic cuisine and a lot of entertainment for every taste and budget – are you agree? A wedding in Thailand for many people is a dream. Dreams exist in order to make them a reality. Now everyone has the opportunity to celebrate this day in a royal way in the Kingdom of Thailand.
Wedding video is also shoots a Love story on Phuket. You can tell the world about your love in many ways. But the better one is to show it with video. You choose the place, or Phuket wedding videographer finds it for you. It can be a hotel, beautiful beach, jungle or waterfalls, or maybe all together. I will work out the plot and shoot a wedding or Love story video dedicated only to you – two loving hearts. Shooting a wedding is an important and very beautiful event in the life of every couple. And wedding in Phuket is even more so! Out shooting team will show all the beauty of this day, including your feelings, emotions of the guests, the atmosphere of the event, so that even a casual viewer could feel this all after watching the wedding clip. For 3 hours of shooting, it is difficult to shoot as much as we would like. To make video full of love a wedding speech at the ceremony can help to us. It also can be a recorded text that will reveal the beauty of your feelings and can fill a wedding clip with your soul.

The standard package is the most popular option, which combines a sufficient number of hours of shooting, and more opportunities for creativity. The difference from package 1 is the time of our work with you, duration and variety of the clip respectively. As a result, you will get 2-3-minute wedding video with the most special moments of the day, revealing the story of the newlyweds in more detail.

This option is suitable if you want to get a video about the whole wedding day. This package includes both – a short clip and a full film, in which we will reveal your Love Story. The movie will include congratulations from guests and other moments revealing the mood and atmosphere of the event, sometimes making you laugh and sometimes cry about the clear happiness. With us, you can create your perfect wedding movie. Together we will discuss all kinds of ideas, shoot different scenes, including visiting special places on the island – 2 hours videography in other day is our gift to you!
The film ill be about 10-15 minutes including the most interesting moments of the day, live sound, atmosphere, interview, speech of the guests at the event and more.

And, of course, the most pleasant shooting is family one. Only when the whole family is together and is in a joyful, relaxed mood – that’s when happiness is felt. To capture your family vacation in the resort of Thailand, you can use services of family videography. It will be a whole movie about one of the best family vacations on the most beautiful island! Phuket videography maker advice you the best places for shooting. Even if some members of your family is a little kid.


Phuket features a tropical monsoon climate. Due to its proximity to the equator, in the year, there is little variation in temperatures. The city has an average annual high of 32 °C and an annual low of 25 °C. Phuket has a dry season that runs from December to March and a wet season that covers the remaining eight months. 70% of Phuket's area is covered with mountains which stretch from north to south. The remaining 30% are plains in the central and eastern parts of the island. Forest, rubber, and palm oil plantations cover 60 percent of the island. If your shooting requires a more exotic tropical film location as an option from Phuket your production can travel to shoot on the Similan Islands or can go to Phi Phi Islands which are part of Krabi Province to the southeast. Beatiful nature as mountains, beaches, jungles, waterfalls - even after the production you will want to go back on holiday in Phuket.

There infrastructure of the island is perfect: you can find everything you need in Phuket. If you choose a tour to Phuket, you make the right choice. It is worth to come as a couple in love in search of a romantic getaway, and families with children. Looking for film fixer, location manager on island? Or want wedding in Phuket and looking for photographer, videographer in Phuket?
Everything will be done for you for the good price.
There many film locations where to shoot your film at Phuket such as Rawai, Patong, Karon, Kamala, Kata Yai, Kata Noi, and Mai Khao. Phuket arranges a fantastic range of filming locations. The beauty of it that all film location at Phuket wonders are all within maximum one hour driving distance. Phuket is one of the most popular destinations for filming in Thailand firstly because the isle is huge, you can find everything you need here for your film and also very important, compared to other islands in Thailand because Phuket has an International airport, which makes it easie to fly here from other Thailand provinces or directly from abroad. Also if you going to film your project in Phuket - you can send film crew and equipment from Bangkok to Phuket by van, the island is connected by the Sarasin Bridge to Phang Nga Province to the north.

We’ve worked on every kind of project. We’re in this to serve our clients, not to win awards or likes in social media. Our fixers / service producers will negotiate local deals and provide the appropriate level of production to match every budget. Our team is always ready to solve production tasks for everyone who wants to film in Thailand. We have been working in more than 10 regions of the Asia-Pacific region for more than 10 years, providing high-quality production services for feature films, television commercials, music videos, network series and branded content. Whether you’re looking to rent lenses in Bangkok, camera rental in Phuket, rent drone in Kanchanaburi, steadycam in Samui or lighting rental in Chiang Mai – we’ve got it all at the best price.

Our experience includes production of all kinds of production, art and documentary films, TV shows and reality shows, music videos, advertising of cars, beauty, lifestyle and children. We understand the diversity of economic scales and are always ready to consider unique and interesting projects. We are speak 14 languages fluently; English, Thai, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Pilipino, Arabic, Africans, Dhivehi, Mandarin (Chinese), Thai and Hindi. We will arrange experienced English speaking PA, runner, production driver, or other crew for your shoot in Thailand. These are elite professionals with great experience in American and European film production projects. Another great advantage of film production in Thailand is that all the directors of the film crew here speak English. We work with clients from around the world to help transform their ideas into powerful visual effects for corporate industry, film, television and entertainment. We are always on the side of our clients so we will always find creative solutions to achieve your goals.

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We’re providing photography and videography services in Phuket for creating exciting experiences for our clients. These major areas which cover weddings, pre wedding, Live Streaming, Family travel video, Music video, Events and Coperate video, videography are what we really love to do. We will make your photo shoot and rest in any corner of the island comfortable and unforgettable. All the best places for a photo shoot are waiting for you!

Working with us in Thailand, even with a relatively small budget, you are guaranteed to have amazing locations, good communication and effective team performance. About filming in Thailand please contact us for referrals, questions, cost estimates and references. We are always ready to answer your questions about film production services in Phuket.