We are full-service production company based in Bangkok, Thailand offering support in all aspects of film creation: from pre-production preparation, film-production/shooting and post-production.
Working closely with cinematographers and producers we providing the most cost-effective means to produce the highest quality footages and tailor them to their needs. Located in Bangkok city where all professionals and professional teams of the local film industry are located, we have almost unlimited opportunities to produce content, every project from a small indie-film to the blockbuster is serviced with attentive service and support. Whether it's a feature, episodic, commercial, or small doc, we understand the demands of filmmaking and the importance of succeeding.
Thanks to many years’ experience there are only tasks for us that we can achieve in at the best way. Read more about the many advantages film production company and be ready to roll in Thailand.


By now, most people know that Thailand is the manufacturing center of South-East Asia and the best location for filming in the region. Mountains, islands, city horizons, roofs with helipads and airports, beaches, jungles, waterfalls - even after the production you will want to go back on holiday in Thailand! Modern skyscrapers, epic colonial buildings, Chinese quarters, multi-lane highways, farmer’s villages, settlements with unique mansions, fishing villages stretch the country.
You will find an amazing array of locations within a 2-hour radius of the city, as well as a world-class sound scene complex, an art department capable of performing magic on demand, excellent tricks, rigging teams, choreographers and talents, and a great meal along with a decent coffee on set. There are stunning beaches in the south and mountainous rainforests in the north, all of which are united by an awesome local team and professional film equipment.


Whether it's a movie, commercial, or music video, everyone needs a beautiful opening image. Lets roll sky view from a tall building rooftop in Bangkok, a popular city It could be anywhere other than the rooftop of a tall building where you can take photos of the sunrise and sunset. Image of traffic on roads and expressways. Scenery from the roof of a tall building, seeing the capital as far as the eye can see. Saw all the tall buildings and skyscrapers, villagers' houses both tranquility. The views of the tamples from tall buildings make it popular for filming in Bangkok.
Bangkok is full of alleys, and each place has different houses. Filming in an alley will capture the atmosphere of people's homes, shops, and even temples or schools. Small shops along the roadside where people shop Motorcyclists shout greetings to vendors or acquaintances. It was a warm and friendly chaos. Every alley is like a rope that connects people and places together and reflects the way of life of the people of Bangkok.
Looking for filming episode in a Bangkok shopping mall? Planning to shoot video in Seven Eleven in Thailand? Or planning to shoot in a convenience store that is open 24 hours amidst those luxuries or conveniences? One thing that remains, no matter how much the era has changed, is the "market", various stalls that are gathered together and located in the same area, many of them. If you want pictures of the bustle of vendors cheering their wares, this is the place to go. A picture of people pushing a vegetable cart walking in the opposite direction. Pictures of villagers walking around to buy vegetables or meat to cook for their families. These things show the way of life of the people of Bangkok. Even though on the surface, Bangkok is a capital with only luxury department stores. Convenience stores open 24 hours can be found on almost every square meter. But Bangkok still has a corner of ordinary people that are chaotic but simple. The markets in Bangkok were therefore one of the ideal locations for filming.

Another beautiful location suitable for filming is Chao Phraya River. Imagine the majestic Chao Phraya River from a bird’s view or the sprawling cityscape of Bangkok as the sun sets. That’s the magic Bangkok drone rental offers. It’s not just about renting a drone; it’s about elevating your video production game, literally and figuratively!
The river of life of the people of Bangkok The Chao Phraya River is a waterway that locals use to avoid traffic congestion on the streets of the city. A place where you can take a boat trip to capture the atmosphere from the middle of the river. Pictures of boats big and small with passengers passing each other all the time. Image of a cruise ship that takes tourists to see the scenery or even a boat transporting sand A picture of Wat Arun Ratchawaram that can be seen from a boat in the middle of the river from a strange perspective. Giving you another perspective on the tourist attractions in Bangkok.

And for sure Chinatown, it’s a place where we can't let go. If we're talking about the street food scene, things like stir-fried morning glory with daeng. Or the chaotic scene at night is probably not beyond China Town "Yaowaraj Road" that blends Thai culture and Chinese culture perfectly. The colorful lights from store signs create a lively nighttime street scene. Tuk tuks that poke around on the road. Fruit cart parked on the roadside Food shop selling both Thai and Chinese food. Vendors who are busy preparing food to keep up with orders Yaowarat Road has the most beautiful scenery during the rainy season. The lights from dozens of buildings or shop signs shine down onto the rain-soaked street, reflecting in shadows. Make the picture look dimensional and lively.
Except beautiful film locations in Thailand we can offer 100% best local film crew in the ASEAN region and beyond. Most of them here are super pro, regularly work on major Hollywood films, as well as on the recent influx of HBO or Netfix series and other streaming projects that have already become the main product in local Thai film industry. We are connected with all the best deals from equipment owners across all Thailand. We are a “one-stop” destination for all kind of shoots, carrying the most comprehensive list of stills and motion cameras including lenses & accessories, lighting and grip equipment, at affordable rates.

We’ve worked on every kind of project. We’re in this to serve our clients, not to win awards or likes in social media. Our fixers / service producers will negotiate local deals and provide the appropriate level of production to match every budget. Our team is always ready to solve production tasks for everyone who wants to film in Thailand. We have been working in more than 10 regions of the Asia-Pacific region for more than 10 years, providing high-quality production services for feature films, television commercials, music videos, network series and branded content.
Our experience includes production of all kinds of production, art and documentary films, TV shows and reality shows, music videos, advertising of cars, beauty, lifestyle and children. We understand the diversity of economic scales and are always ready to consider unique and interesting projects. We are speak 14 languages fluently; English, Thai, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Pilipino, Arabic, Africans, Dhivehi, Mandarin (Chinese), Thai and Hindi. We will arrange experienced English speaking PA, runner, production driver, or other crew for your shoot in Thailand. These are elite professionals with great experience in American and European film production projects. Another great advantage of film production in Thailand is that all the directors of the film crew here speak English. We work with clients from around the world to help transform their ideas into powerful visual effects for corporate industry, film, television and entertainment. We are always on the side of our clients so we will always find creative solutions to achieve your goals.
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For the past years, we had serves hundreds of filmmakers for shooting in Thailand, sharing out our skills and best equipment at great quality, we guide and provide support to our customers to ensure they can achieve their goals regardless of experience level.

Working with us in Thailand, even with a relatively small budget, you are guaranteed to have amazing locations, good communication and effective team performance. About filming in Thailand please contact us for referrals, questions, cost estimates and references. We are always ready to answer your questions about film production services in Thailand.Come and find the perfect location, cast and crew for your project. From Filmmakers to Filmmakers! Come to filming In Thailand!
We work with clients from around the world to help transform their ideas into powerful visual effects for corporate industry, film, television and entertainment.
Team Film Service (Thailand) is always on the side of clients so we will always find creative solutions to achieve your goals. Do you need a film fixer in Bangkok for your production? You have a commercial, film or documentary project and wonder who can help you to run your filming smoothly? Then you came to the right place.